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Butler County Democrats Applaud Passage of Middletown Senior Levy

May 3, 2017Press ReleaseSeniors spared pain of Republican cuts

"As the only political party to endorse Issue 1, the Butler County Democratic Party is pleased to stand with the senior citizens of Middletown.  Tonight’s successful levy campaign means that Central Connections will continue to be able to provide Meals on Wheels and other independent living services to Middletown’s growing senior population despite the funding cuts by Republicans at the state and local level.  Tonight, we proudly stand with the citizens of Middletown who realize the value Central Connections provides to our community and neighbors.”

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Fairfield Family Example of Broken Immigration System, Misplaced Priorities

April 10, 2017Press Release

(HAMILTON)- The Butler County Democratic Party joins community faith leaders in calling for the federal government to change course and release Maribel Trujillo of Fairfield so she can stay with her family where she is needed. Last week, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested Trujillo on her way to work after sending her kids off to school. Trujillo fled gang violence in Mexico 15 years ago and has an active asylum case pending. She is scheduled to be deported tomorrow back to Mexico.

Law enforcement officials have justified her arrest and pending deportation by saying “laws are laws.” In response to this argument, Butler County Democratic Party Chair Jocelyn Bucaro said: “Folks on both sides of the immigration debate agree on one thing: our immigration system is broken.  Maribel’s case is a perfect example of this as we’re absurdly targeting individuals who are not a threat to our society but contribute to it. Worst yet, we are removing someone as they have been working the proper channels to be here legally while starting a family and contributing vitally to the community. Deporting Maribel will place an enormous hardship on her family and will do nothing to benefit society. No one wins, and a family loses everything.”

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Bipartisanship is Trump’s Only Path Forward on Health Care

March 23, 2017Press ReleaseTrumpCare Rejected by the American People and Congressional Republicans

Today, Paul Ryan (R-WI) canceled the planned vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal and replace the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“the ACA”) with TrumpCare.  President Trump was unable to muster enough Republican support in the House to pass legislation that Americans are overwhelmingly against.

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BCDP Response to State Representative Wes Rethford's Arrest

March 12, 2017Press Release

In response to today’s arrest, Butler County Democratic Executive Committee Chair Jocelyn Bucaro issued the following statement:

“Alcohol and guns are a reckless mix, and we’re glad nobody was physically hurt as a result of Rep. Retherford’s actions.  For too long, Retherford has betrayed his constituents' trust.  Instead of fighting to bring jobs to his district, invest in better public schools, or combat the opioid epidemic in our community, he has built a reputation as the laziest and one of the most disengaged members of the state legislature.  We are extremely disappointed in Rep. Retherford’s actions and pray he takes this opportunity to get the help he so obviously needs.”

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Butler County Democratic Party Meeting March 16

February 26, 2017Blog Post

Join fellow Democrats and Progressives in learning more about how you can get involved in your local Democratic Party!  All party meetings are open to the public. (Agenda coming soon!)

When:  Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time:  7:00pm-8:30pm

Where:  Central Connections, 3907 Central Ave., Middletown, OH 45044

Help us build our party by bringing at least 1 friend with you to the meeting!

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